Caring Kids

Spark Change have partnered up with Caring Kids to provide bespoke Toy Boxes for children who care for disabled or chronically ill family members.

With every bespoke hand-picked and packed Toy Box that we courier across Australia, we recognise and honour the unique contribution that each child makes whilst caring for a family member.

caring kids

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Spark Change is a not-for-profit organisation with the initiative to put into motion all kinds of good acts in order to inspire and spark change in the world. Nothing is too small to need help and that’s where Spark Change starts. 

All efforts are driven by people, who are sacrificing time and resources in order to sustain the charity initiatives. Donations are always enthusiastically received and appreciated. They can be made to any of our campaigns through the respective Campaign pages or to our general donations using the Donate Button below.


Caring Kids was created in 2014 by our Founder and CEO, Margaret Skagias, to address the support needs of young carers. Margaret has spent many years delivering emotional support and respite camps for young carers. She saw first-hand the heavy responsibilities that they held and was inspired to bring more light into their lives.

We send toy boxes to youth under the age of 18 who spend many hours on caring responsibilities each week. This includes both primary and alternate carers, and we endeavour to offer additional support for families where carers are experiencing financial hardship.

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