Food Packs Lebanon DONATE TODAY! Your ACTION is urgently needed! With your help, we can restore hope in the lives of the Lebanese people to keep fighting to thrive.

Lebanon Food Packs

Lebanon is facing one of the world’s most severe global crisis episodes, its people enduring the worst economic crisis to ever hit the country, leaving entire communities and regions impacted by economic disadvantage.
Despite Lebanon’s political instability and deliberate inaction by its leaders, we are working to deliver food packs and hope to those impacted by the current situation.

Our food packs include fresh chicken and meat as well as other essential food items.
Would you like to be part of sparking positive change for the people of Lebanon? Your generosity in kindness and compassion is urgently needed! With your help, for as little as $60 per pack, we can restore faith in humanity and hope in the lives of Lebanese people, supporting them as they strive to thrive.


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